Time is never on our side

25 May

but no matter how long we have, even if it’s a remaining lifetime, a decade, a year, a month or even a day or an hour, if you found the right one, it is worth a thousand lifetimes

Conversely with the wrong one, even an hour is wasted and too long. I have zero patience for people and things that do not serve me anymore

All things have their time. Even the right one or ones. And even if there is not one person who can check all the boxes, life is still full of beauty and love

I’m leaving

23 May

on a jet plane

I need to get rid of my old place

23 May

coz I don’t like going there at all

Social media

23 May

how do u use social media

I’m not a adopter. I’m a proficient user

I use different social media platforms for different purposes

If I wana rant, I take to Twitter and fb

If I wana post a pict, I do it on Instagram

If I wana a post a whole bunch of pictures, I use FB albums

If I wana get some headlines, I use Twitter

If I want to write, I use wordpress

If I need to connect to china folks, I use wechat

If I need to connect with folks in Taiwan and Japan or my wiffygal buddy, I use Line

If I wana chat with friends, I use Whatsapp

If I wana network and read payments news, I use LinkedIn

If I wana read, I go to sites like The Muse


23 May



23 May

Is donating clutter

Having a good meal

Making money for 零花 and luxuries in life

U r a fool

23 May



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