2 Apr

to do right by my daughter

Do I need more storage?

2 Apr

I have a store room

I have ample kitchen storage

I have wardrobes

Guess I answered my own question

The storage boxes are going into storeroom

But before moving, I’m repacking them to declutter further

Move only what I want and will use

Discard the rest


2 Apr

“断” 断绝不需要的东西
“舍” 舍弃多余的发物

“离” 脱离对物品的执著

My life only has room for things that give me joy

Earlier to bed

2 Apr

earlier to work

In meantime


2 Apr


massage chair

I think I need a car

2 Apr

just to take calls during commute

Or I can sleep much much earlier and start going to work much much earlier

I’m just so tired

2 Apr

my feet is aching

my back is breaking

my body is protesting


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