Late to bed

31 Mar

also early to rise

Old liao. Not enough shuteye makes me so tired in day that I struggle to stay awake

Early to bed

31 Mar

early to rise

So looking forward

30 Mar

to having an early nite

8 hrs of sleep will be v good

Lack of sleep makes me v low performing

Happiness is

30 Mar

monday drinks with good friend

Matured female

30 Mar

Ang moh with technical background

Extremely knowledgeable


All I learnt is her career background

And the fact that her colleague made the slides

And their team’s org chart

Irrelevant & Superficial as I learnt nothing insightful abt the topic from the session

And generalization of customers. I couldn’t stand it. I had to share my experience. 

And quotes from founding father. Please treat the session seriously and respect our time and attention accorded. I have zero interest in his quotes however insightful and least of all in this setting. Yes grieve all you want. I respect your grieving but don’t force your grieving upon me

Note to self. Avoid this type of mistake ever

Dear YY, I love you

29 Mar

Will things change?

Will I get my son back?

I have no idea but I can only try because I love him so

it’s easy to take what u want

27 Mar

and start afresh

It’s hard to throw what is left behind


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