Most important person in the world to me

17 Apr

is QQ

So I must have dinner with her everyday

So I must be more efficient at work

I am a terrible mother

17 Apr

but this is the last time I allow myself to be stupid about finishing work

I will not work late at office again

17 Apr


i will have dinner with QQ everyday

No amount of work is worth it

I hate accommodating people

17 Apr

and sacrificing my loved ones

It doesn’t make me feel good

In fact I feel like shit

War has been fought

17 Apr

battles have been won

Take a deep breath

17 Apr

be zen

Life threw a full day workshop the last working day before business travel but I can handle it

And there is a lesson to be learnt. I should have decided to up and go much earlier since I have vehicular access to come to the office even if I have no wifi at home

Life is never predictable

But I am on top of things

I can handle it

Weekend plans

16 Apr

Thurs unpack stuff along hallway and room

Clear space for bed

Put on sofa cover

Fri go ikea

Get white cabinets

Pack stuff at old place


Assemble white cabinets

Unpack kitchen stuff

Go kiropractor

Pack stuff

Dissemble and move bed frames

Assemble bed frames

Wash balcony

Do laundry

Mop floor


Move wooden sofa set

Buy new covers for and cushions for wooden sofa set

Pack for biz trip


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