3 Mar

damn bloody tired

My old bones


2 Mar

like crazy

Which is healthy

But sweaty!

Palms and feet are coming back with a vengeance


2 Mar

Only reached bugis

Google maps can’t predict accurately how slow MRT is at peak hours

And my timing of 8.34 was for catching a train 2 mins later


2 Mar

according to google maps, I will reach destination at 8.34 inclusive of 5 mins of walking

5 mins? Seriously? The walk seems much longer than that

Plus pass changing time


2 Mar

reaching simei. Mrt moving slowly this morn

Plan for the worst

2 Mar

hope for the best

That’s all we can do

My contact lens decided not to coorperate

My watch played hide and seek with me

My foot cover decides that today’s the perfect day not to stay covered

I tried on a jacket and a cardi and wasted some precious minutes

I’m out the door 15 mins later than planned

What are the chances of everything happening this morn but they did


I’m just amused

I’m just gonna LLAP (live long and prosper)


2 Mar

Whatsapp chat groups can have more 1 admin

So cool to learn something new everydat


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