Never compromise

19 Sep

Becoz sometimes pride is all one has left

I will never set foot here again

19 Sep

No thanks for everything you have not done for me

And no thanks for deserting me and letting me suffer in silence

I never want to see you nor your family again

I will remember this 委屈

Life chores

17 Sep

Laundry beckons

My wardrobe war zone taunts me daily

My bags my belts my many necklaces

My mail litter demands the jaws of a shredding machine

My yarn demands my loving creativity

My worthless and useless furniture demands an exit

My fresh food demands my mastery cooking


17 Sep

Sustainable activities


CoC name village

Brompton x 2

Foreign languages

Studies of interest



Acquisition of retirement properties

There is no time to lose becoz our time on earth gets lesser and not more

Central equity

17 Sep

I love Melbourne

So livable

The vibes

The youthfulness

The nature

The food

All appeal to me

Stay focused and laser sharp

17 Sep

On getting what I want

I’m capable of charting my own path in life

I will sail along and ppl in my life can choose to come along, or not


17 Sep

For u has run out

I don’t get your humor nor jokes esp when directly at me

Running after you on scooter is not a joke

I’m speaking of the reality

And I will have none of this nonsense


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