This is the worst ……..

11 Sep

I have ever experienced


Not relentless enough

6 Sep

In decluttering

If in doubt, throw!

The mantra, I must follow

Bruised on kneecap

5 Sep

From tikit


Left calf cramp

5 Sep


That was goodbye

5 Sep

Now I understand why I so emo abt the parting gift

Becoz I know in my heart that I’m finally letting go

Status quo doesn’t work for me anymore

I cannot bring myself to continue doing stupid things to see you and being touched by every little thing u do

U don’t treat me nor QQ well enough. Not giving QQ a proper seat at dining table, expecting her to run errands while she’s eating

Your actions were subconscious and done without thinking. Thinking of our feelings first. We must be placed top of mind by ppl who cares abt us

between a guy who goes out of the way to accommodate me without asking for any return versus a guy I accommodated to no end, I realise my worth

I’m extreme. Having been extremely stupid, I’m now extremely focused and clear on what I want

I’m freeing up your time for pursuit of MOC

You are perfect the way you are, for someone else other than me

Obstinate as a rock

3 Sep


I don’t share

3 Sep

Arm or no arm

I totally do not share

Becoz I’m worth your all


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