I never want to see you again

31 Aug

Extreme? Yes, absolutely

In any rship, not both parties give the same amount

But it’s unhealthily one sided, the scales are so tilted that it topples and the rship is totally shaken to its roots

I like u

I am not afraid to tell u and show u as well as the world how I feel

I go to lengths to see you, to spend time with you

When was the last time u saw me?
When I went to send you off especially

When was the second last time u saw me?
When I went down especially to deliver your birthday present

Why do I not know your travel plans?
Did I not make the effort to find out from you?
Did you appreciate my efforts?
U thought I knew.
How would I know when u did not share your plans when I asked

U came to pass me things. I was touched to no end

When I thot u gave me time, I was incredibly touched. So much so that I decided to work at your greatest wish

I’m so easily satisfied and pleased. And I give so much more in return

I have suspected myself to be a fool for some time now but especially so this week while u were away

But there is no greater fool than one who does not appreciate love and throw it away so casually

I am hurt. Really hurt
And I am tired of being hurt

Please leave me alone from now on

Do not talk to me, see me nor have any contact with me

I have decided to turn around and walk away from you

Time will heal. I’m giving time time and myself another chance

Happy Birthday

I’m glad I didn’t do what I planned to

31 Aug

It would have been in vain

No point wasting efforts on unappreciated stuff

U don’t even recall what lengths I went to last yr. the scrambling by hotel staff, me meeting u post client dinner

So remember this, you chose to spend your birthday in a taxi. This is of your own choice

It could have been different but u chose to be difficult with me when I took the effort to ask u your travel plans

I should not be upset. Becoz u certainly aren’t

Don’t waste my time anymore

Spend your day with whoever u wish to, loner

There are many other ppl who deserves me more


29 Aug





29 Aug



27 Aug

Is just another word for dumb

My love is misplaced

27 Aug

In every sense of the word


26 Aug


会错意表错情. Pun intended

What family






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