Obstinate as a rock

3 Sep


I don’t share

3 Sep

Arm or no arm

I totally do not share

Becoz I’m worth your all


3 Sep




I kickass

2 Sep

Really hard

Step on my toes and I will hit back hard

Made a mistake?

2 Sep

Then u jolly well correct it

Put up the photo with the arm lah

I’m agro


I may not care for the prize anymore but it doesn’t mean that I can be trifled with

Life is too short to waste on ppl whose company I do not care for

You 2 deserve each other

2 Sep


I hope that you found a MOC smarter and prettier than me in her

No I’m not interested in your happily ever after with MOC

That’s what my gift means

Picture correction

2 Sep

I wondered if I should post a better picture of myself

But doing that would be giving u more credit than due

The best thing to do is to ignore u and never speak to u nor have any contact with u again

‘U don’t speak to me I don’t speak to u’


I like this statement

See that u stick to it

No love loss on my part

Stupid man who thinks he is smart
Smart woman who is willing to act stupid

Who is the loser?
Not necessarily the smart one


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